Porto Novo carries out cleaning services and waste management throughout the Port area. On all the working fronts, modern management technologies and systems are employed, such as the underground waste collection system, the Collect + Rio, a system imported from Portugal and which has revolutionized the storage system of urban waste in the area. Additionally, cleaning teams are trained to handle the challenges posed by the landscape. An example of this, are the cleaners who operate on the slopes of the hills in the area.

On the work-front, the use of equipment such as the "weed-eater trimmer", which boosts the weeding process and "leaf blowers", which helps with the cleaning of sidewalks and plazas, has also become routine. Technology, management and innovative models are constantly used to ensure the well-being and good quality of life for residents and users of the Port area. Find out more about the services carried out.

Concessionária Porto Novo collects household waste. Check out your street's collection schedule. Rubble and unusable goods are collected upon request at agreed-upon times. Request the collection of these wastes through Porto Novo's 0800.8807678 telephone hotline.

In only two steps you can help the environment and reduce the effects of flooding and proliferation of disease agents such as rats, cockroaches and the dengue fever mosquito.

First Step - Consult your street's household garbage collection schedule.

*horários sujeitos a alteração
*Domingo a coleta é realizada em pontos específicos definidos em função da
criticidade do local.

Second Step - Now that you know the time and place, leave your waste in containers or well-tied plastic bags in front of your door one hour before scheduled collection.

Porto Novo would like to thank you for your cooperation toward a cleaner and healthier environment.

Containers, underground boxes, litter bins and roads are subject to these daily routines.

The professional teams engage in clearing the slopes and community areas, and removing  graffiti from public spaces.

coleta rio

How It Works

Disposal of garbage into the correct bin.

Waste is stored in the underground container.

The truck lifts the container out and collects the waste.


Due to its simplicity of use, the system facilitates the correct disposal of waste.


Within approximately 2 minutes, a single operator can remove, empty and separate a container.


Coleta +Rio is an intelligent waste management system introduced by Rio de Janeiro´s city council and the Porto Novo Concessionaire.


In the dry garbage you discard clean materials, without waste or dirt.


Sheets of paper and cardboard packaging • newspapers • magazines


pet bottles • bags • styrofoam • packaging


metal cans • metal packaging


clothes • towels • clean rags


glasses • bottles • flasks • glass fragments



In organic trash, materials such as food-scraps, dirty paper or any other organic residue, is disposed of.


toilet paper • napkins • serviettes • paper hankies


logs • crates • pencils • wooden utensils


leftovers • meat • sandwiches • drinks


porcelain tiles • tiles • vases • bricks


disposable diapers or pieces of cloth containing waste